Claridges Hotel

Claridges Entrance

Claridges Hotel has long had links with the royal family, Richard D'Oyly Carte, the founder of the rival Savoy Hotel, purchased Claridge's in 1894, and it became part of The Savoy Group, he shortly afterwards demolished the old buildings and replaced them with the present ones. This was a chance to install modern facilities such as lifts and en suite bathrooms The new Claridge's was built by George Trollope & Sons and opened in 1898. It is a Grade II listed building. The hotel has 203 rooms and suites and around 400 staff.

Claridges is the grand old lady of top London hotels and by that i certainly don't mean out of date or in need of a refurbishment, what i mean is over the top luxury like at the Ritz just isn't the Claridge's way, instead, plush beds, traditional European décor, modern conveniences and an overall air of everything being proper and the way is should be in a top class hotel. in your suite you'll find a draped four-poster bed, spacious seating rooms, a private terrace overlooking London and butlers on call 24/7, and to give you that real feeling of luxury when you open your walk in closet you'll find a Burberry trench coat in your size for you to wear during your stay if it rains outside, if you want to keep the coat just take it with you and it will be added to your bill.

When Dame Barbara Cartland was staying there the staff quickly rang downstairs when she was going down for tea so that her table could quickly be set up in colours to match her outfit and after he stayed there Spencer Tracey said 'when i die i don't want to go to heaven, i want to go to Claridge's', there have been many movie stars and rock stars who have stayed at Claridges but it's Royalty that it's best known for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert got married in 1840 London had a lot of official visits from the world's royalty, and many stayed at Claridge's, In 1860 The Empress Eugénie of France visited London and she made Claridge's her winter quarters, she was often visited by Victoria and Albert and this gave the hotel the royal seal of approval.

The main restaurant at Claridges in called Fera and the head chef is one michelin star Australian chef Matt Starling needless to say that on your first visit you should have the tasting menu to see what's on offer and to get to know Matts cooking style but the recommended dishes are the roasted monkfish with oysters and white asparagus followed by the fresh raspberries, tarragon and victoria sponge. Claridges also run cooking masterclasses in which you will share some of the secrets of the Claridge’s team and discover more about the hotels culinary tradition and you can also pick up a Claridges cook book to try the recipies when you get home.

You are not allowed to take pictures in the Claridges bar, it has one of the finest selection of vintage champagnes and aged whiskys in the world including a selection of rare whiskeys produced by American distilleries before and during prohibition, this whiskey was made by select distillers that were licensed to produce the spirit for 'medicinal use only'. As well as the main bar the hotel has The Fumoir which as the name suggests used to be the smoking room, it now serves the finest wines and champagnes at it's marble horseshoe shaped bar, children are not allowed in this bar after 6pm.