Best London Hotels

Tower Bridge Picture

Since you are reading this it means that you are coming to London and intend to stay at one of our best hotels, so you are either celebrating an occasion or you're a tourist or here on business, well we're very proud of our top class hotels even though we can't afford to stay at them, we still see them as the best of British and as something that we do better than any other country in the world but as i'm sure you already know by now central London is expensive but you only have to go a few miles in any direction to get to the real London and that's a lot cheaper.

A lot of tourists think some weird things about England and London in particular for instance thay don't realize that we have a class system over here and that we all stick to it, there is the lower or working class at the bottom, next up is the middle class who started off working class but now want to be better, then there is the upper class who have the real money, either from working hard or inherited and finally the royals which includes not only the queen and royal family but all of their cousins etc and there's a lot of them.

We don't all love cricket, eat scones and watch coronation street, that's a myth and so is drinking warm beer, we like our beer cold except if it's a 'real ale live beer' in which case it should be room temperature, and we prefer football to cricket although we do like fish and chips so you will see a lot of fish and chips on the menu but don't get it from a hotel or a pub/bar ask where the local chippie is and go there, then you will know why we like it so much. 

You will no doubt visit places like the tower of London, the London eye and the houses of parliment but don't forget places like Camden Lock which is a market that sells arts, crafts and that sort of thing and Borough Market which is a massive food market next to London Bridge.

If you use our search engine to look at the hotel prices etc then either put in the name of the hotel you want or put in London and using the filters down the side click on 5 star and it will give you a great selection of the best London hotels.